Quotes from Michael Skop

"In this seed...What I have here is infinity. It is timeless. When the master picks it up, holds it, he is holding infinity. Which is eternal. In this are many many orders. When you take the see out of the apple...it's not a seed by itself. It is a tree. Because when you put it into the ground itgrows to be a tree. And in the process of growing to become a tree, it is also making a seed. Not another seed, but it's own seed. So with it is a seed. And within that seed is another seed. And, therefore, it is infinity. And what is in front of us is infinity"

"It is nature that makes you a philosopher. Nature is our studio. There is no way you can wald out of it and no way you can walk into it. You are always there twenty-four hours of the day".

"You have to unlearn first before you can learn".

"Life is a gift. I see it as a gift everyday. It is magical to me".